VisIVO Mobile app

The VisIVO Mobile application is connected to the VisIVO Science Gateway and accesses to VisIVO Server tools, enabling execution of a comprehensive collection of modules for data exploration (including processing and visualization) of astrophysical data-sets on DCIs. A number of customized workflows have been configured by default, for example, to allow local or remote upload of data-sets and creation of scientific movies. These workflows are provided with specific user interfaces to enable easy parameter setting for the end users while hiding the complexity of the underlying system and infrastructures. The mobile application employs the same user accounts of the VisIVO Science Gateway and provides a platform for astrophysical communities to share results, analysis experiences, and exploration of their data-sets.

The SpaceMission mobile app is based on VisIVO tools to offer hands‐on experience of astrophysical concepts using scientific simulations. It has been developed as a game that allows players to interactively fly into large‐scale computer models of our cosmos. The player undertakes a virtual journey in a simulated model of our cosmos spanning several millions of earth years to discover galaxies. At any point during this journey, the player can click a snapshot using a virtual camera. Once all galaxies are found, cinematic movies can be generated from the snapshots taken.