VisIVO Science Gateway aims to create an astrophysical portal based on the generic-purpose gUSE/WS-PGRADE portal family to access VisIVO software tools. It has been developed thanks to the Sci-Bus Project.

VisIVO is a suite of software tools for creating customized views of 3D renderings from astrophysical data tables.  These tools are founded on the VisIVO Desktop functionality ( and support the most popular Linux based platforms (e.g. Their defining characteristic is that no fixed limits are prescribed regarding the dimensionality of data tables input for processing, thus supporting very large scale datasets.

Assuming that datasets are uploaded, users are typically presented with tree-like structures (for easy data navigation) containing pointers to filestablesvolumes as well as visuals.

Files point to single, or possibly several (for distributed datasets), astrophysical data tables;

Tables are highly-efficient internal VisIVO Server data representations; they are typically produced from importing datasets uploaded by users using VisIVO Importer (see below);

Volumes are internal VisIVO Server data representations; they are produced either from direct importing of user datasets or by performing operations on already existing tables;

Visuals are collections of highly-customized, user-produced views of 3D renderings of volumes.

VisIVO Server consists of three core components: VisiIVO ImporterVisiVO Filter and VisIVO Viewer respectively. Their functionality and usage is described in the following sections.
VisIVOServer is distributed with GPL V.2 License for NON COMMERCIAL use. VisIVOServer is hosted by sourceforge and its source code is downloadable via svn:

svn co visivoserver

Disclaimer: user data integrity is never warranted. 

This Science Gateway belongs to the STARnet Federation.

Please visit here for more info.

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