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A number of challenging workflows has been prototyped to support highly specialised scientific communities mainly in astrophysics. This section discusses the visualisation-oriented applications Muon Portal and LasMOG, and the simulation-oriented workflow FRANEC. The former are deployed for detecting nuclear threat materials and investigating large-scale modified gravity models respectively. The latter is exploited for carrying out stellar evolution simulations. These workflows will be supported in ER-flow projet so that they can be stored into the SHIWA workflow repository together with related meta-data, allowing investigation of their interoperability and dissemination across relevant communities through the SHIWA simulation platform.

Advanced users can exploit such workflows as templates for building new customized workflows to suit particular requirements of scientific communities, e.g. by modifying appropriately constituent building blocks customized LasMOG workflows can be generated. Standard users can then execute these workflows in an interactive and user-friendly way by means of the supplied portlets. Any user can submit jobs to the underlying DCIs without requiring a priori any specific technical expertise related to the particulars of the DCI configuration.