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VisIVO Science Gateway is a web-based workflow-enabled framework for integrating large-scale multidimensional datasets and applications for visualization and data filtering on Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs). Advanced users are enabled to create, change, invoke, and monitor workflows while standard users are provided with easy-to-use specific web based user interfaces hiding all the technical aspects of the visualization software and DCIs configurations and settings.

VisIVO Science Gateway is developed on top of WS-PGRADE, an highly flexible, cooperative, graphical user interface for the grid User Support Environment. The gateway provides access to VisIVO Server tools, enabling the execution of a comprehensive collection of modules for processing and visualization of astrophysical datasets on DCIs. Several customized workflows were configured to allow different basic tasks such as datasets local or remote upload and creation of scientific movies. These workflows are provided with specific user interface portlets to enable easy parameter setting for standard users to hide the complexity of the underlaying system and infrastructure. The advanced users are able to adapt the basic workflows to his/her specific problem. This modularity, achieved by subdividing the workflow into different tasks, ensures the re-usability of the subtasks and provides more flexibility for the user.

Download the pdf of the full documentation here.