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VisIVO Science Gateway is suited for scientists aiming to investigate large-scale datasets with the possibility to create movies and complex views of multidimensional datasets.

VisIVO Gateway offers new, exciting and easily accessible opportunities not only to specialized users, e.g. astrophysical researchers, but also to the wider public, e.g. high-school education or innovative citizen science for new scientific developments.

The VisIVO Science Gateway offers role-based authorization modules and supports the login with user name and password.

From the Home Page click on "Create Account"

Insert your personal data and click on "Save"

Sign In with your password, accept the Terms of Use and Verify your e-mail addess.

You will receive a verification code to your personal e-mail, the e-mail will be from VisIVO Team <> with Subject " Email Address Verification". Please check also spam e-mails if you do not receive the verification code within few minutes.

Insert the verification code to verify your e-mail address.

Finally chose your Password Reminder question and you are DONE.

Users can also login using their Facebook or OpenID accounts.